Marula is a creative consultancy business focusing on agribusiness in Uganda.

As a social enterprise, we are based on three key pillars



Through our many interviews on the ground we gather (qualitative) data on key issues. We engage with actors along the value chain, from the most remote farmer to the higher levels of government. 



 Based on our findings, we create innovative solutions that
are always collaborative in nature; we seek out partnerships across the chain and focus our efforts on wide-scale community development. 




 By visualizing our research and projects into documentaries, videos and creative media, we give a voice to Uganda and turn these voices into the stories that create lasting change on the ground.

Our Projects

Together with our partners, Marula has created three projects to integrate the youth into agriculture. Our focus areas include the urban-rural disconnect, the lack of industry exposure, making agriculture 'cool' through technology and ensuring that we create profitable and sustainable projects throughout.

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Marula ResearcH Center

We believe that everyone can have the opportunity to conduct research that is socially impactful within the local context. We facilitate the connection between international students, Ugandan recent graduates and companies based on the ground. Our goal is to give local students the opportunity to gain employment due to their newly acquired experience and network. 

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The social business association

The association is run by the students and acts as a platform for other successful youth role models to share their agriculture journeys. Companies can participate through guest lectures,  practical skills workshops or sponsorships.  Our goal is to decrease the mismatch between the theoretical educational system and the practical job market.

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Youth Smart-services

Following the national directive to monetize extension services, our project strengthens the distribution of seedlings through a collaborative approach. In this project we train the youth in good agriculture practices and the use of ICT. Our goal is to empower the youth to provide extension services so they can gain commissions and become financially independent. .

Our Partners